For people with strong cheek muscles who unconsciously grind their teeth, injecting neuromodulator can significantly relax this muscle (masseter) & help them to stop involuntary teeth grinding & clenching of the jaw. This reduces the wear & tear on teeth due to grinding.

The treatment soothes the muscular movements that cause crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines & nose wrinkles. It can also turn up the corners of the mouth, soften a squared jawline & even out dimpled skin on the chin. Because it’s a non-surgical procedure & does not add volume to the face like filler, it doesn’t dramatically change your appearance!

What Is Wrinkle Treatment?

We offer wrinkle treatment in a non-invasive procedure using Neuromodulator such as BOTOX and Dysport, which is a natural purified protein that will help temporarily relax the muscles under your skin. It can be used to help soften facial lines, creates a smooth appearance & remove unwanted wrinkles, as well as preventing deepening of existing wrinkles in people.

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