How often do I need to go for a check-up and cleaning? What if my insurance won’t pay?

Each patient has their own individual needs. The majority of people manage just fine with a check-up & cleaning twice a year, others need periodontal cleaning three or four times yearly. Unfortunately we see very few people who can go longer than six months with out tartar buildup, which is why we recommend a professional cleaning at least every six months.

If your dental benefit plans tells you that your coverage has been reduced it does not change what you need. Some examples of a benefit reduction are checkups only once every nine or twelve months, or only a limited amount of periodontal cleaning,  While we do our best to stay within your limits, our recommendations are based on your dental health needs. If you have concerns regarding the cost of your preventive (or any other) care, please let us know.

We’ll work with you to find the a way to make the best use of your dental benefits without sacrificing your dental health.