BEFORE – Gap between two front teeth (boy, age 12). Thick tissue between the teeth was preventing teeth from aligning.
AFTER – Performed frenectomy. Tissue is anaesthetized & gently removed with laser in a bloodless, pain-free procedure. 4 years later. No scars, no orthodontics, & nicely aligned teeth.

Connective Tissue Graft

BEFORE – The patient was concerned about the recession over her eye tooth.
AFTER – Dr Black performed a connective tissue graft, which  reversed the recession over the eye tooth and its neighbours.

BEFORE – The patient had considerable recession both upper and lower.
AFTER – Dr Black performed a connective tissue graft for both the upper and lower with a very good result.

BEFORE – The gum tissue next to this young patient’s upper eye teeth is already receding. He needed to have grafts done to prevent even more rapid recession during orthodontic treatment.
AFTER – Grafts have strengthened the gums around the upper eye teeth and covered the exposed roots.

BEFORE – This patient developed a very localized area of recession on her two front teeth.
AFTER – Dr Black did a connective tissue graft with excellent result. The tissue is thicker and stronger to help resist future recession.

Teeth Whitening

BEFORE – Patients beautiful smile was marred by one dark root-canal treated tooth
AFTER – Non-vital bleaching over a period of two weeks (in-office and at home treatment) created a great result!

BEFORE – This patient’s two front teeth (one crown and one natural tooth) are the only ones which we did not bleach in the office.
AFTER – A very dramatic difference after one appointment of in-office bleaching. The patient experienced no sensitivity and all of the teeth now match!

“Venous Lake” Removal

BEFORE – This patient had developed a blue bump on her lip which was unsightly and annoyed her when she accidentally bit it from time to time. These are hemangiomas, sort of like varicose veins in the lip.
AFTER – Two pain-free applications of laser treatment and the blue lesion is gone.

Crowns and Fillings

BEFORE – This patient had disliked her old crown and discoloured fillings for years but was very apprehensive about getting dental work done. She had begun to avoid smiling broadly and we had to coax her to smile for photos.
AFTER – She was pleased to discover how comfortable the treatment could be with the use of some mild sedation, and she loves her new crowns and veneers. We didn’t need to coax a happy smile from her!

BEFORE – When these crowns were made over 20 years ago, they probably looked pretty good. They are just worn out.
AFTER – We replaced them with six modern all-porcelain crowns which look incredible – beautiful and natural.

BEFORE – This patient just needed two new fillings to restore her smile.
AFTER – One appointment and two fillings later, a big improvement.

BEFORE – This adult patient would have benefited from orthodontics but chose to just place crowns and veneers.
AFTER – With two new all porcelain crowns and two porcelain veneers, her smile is much improved.



BEFORE – This is what most conventional implants look like while they heal for 3-6 months.
DURING -Healing implants are very short, and if desired the patient can wear a temporary prosthesis (denture or bridge) over them while they heal. Once the implants are healed into the jaw bone, we place a post (called an abutment) on them and then make the crown, bridge or denture which will attach to them. This patient is having two crowns made.
AFTER – Porcelain and metal crowns were cemented to the implant abutments in a similar way that crowns are cemented to teeth.

BEFORE -This patient needed to have the eye tooth replaced and chose to have an implant
DURING -You can see the healing implant, which is flush with the gums. After the implant healed into the jaw bone, we placed a custom-milled abutment (post).
AFTER – The final crown was cemented in a similar way to a regular crown on a tooth, and defies anyone to spot it as not being natural!

Comprehensive Cosmetic and Restorative Cases

BEFORE – This patient disliked the colour and arrangement of her teeth and had forgotten how to smile. Ideal treatment would have included orthodontics but the patient didn’t want to have braces.
AFTER – Whitening, cosmetic bonding, porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers were all used for this case. Now this patient just can’t stop smiling!

BEFORE – An old bridge, mismatched tooth sizes, shifted midline, discoloration and bone loss were some of the problems this patient faced.
AFTER -With the help of two specialists and two dentists at this practice, a bone graft, implant placement,  one crown and two veneers, we wound up with a nice result.

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