In our practice, the creation and preservation of oral health is our most important goal. Whether providing RESTORATIVE (fixing up what’s wrong), PREVENTIVE (stopping bad stuff from happening) or COSMETIC (making you more beautiful) services, we take the health of your mouth into prime consideration.

  • Traditional family dentistry
  • Exams for children between the ages of 1 and 3
  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • Restorative options
  • Cosmetic dentistry options
  • Root canal treatment
  • Periodontal treatment and gum grafts
  • Mini Dental Implants “MDIs”
  • Snoring and sleep apnea appliances
  • TMJ dysfunction treatment
  • Removable partial and complete dentures
  • Implant crowns and dentures
  • Custom sports mouthguards
  • Latex free dentistry
  • Oral cancer screening


Children 2 and Under

The ideal time for you to bring your child in to see us is within six months after eruption of the first tooth, or at one year of age. At this time, we will provide or recommend preventive information regarding early childhood decay, infant feeding practices, mouth cleaning, teething, pacifier habits and finger-sucking habits. We will see you and your child together, with your child on your lap. We will quickly, gently, and thoroughly examine your child’s mouth. We will also discuss home care, nutrition, dental development, and will assess your child’s caries risk. If we determine that your child requires dental treatment, we may refer to a pediatric specialist to provide this care.

Children over the age of 3

On your child’s first visit, we will introduce the dental office and procedures in a manner that makes their visit fun and interesting. The dentist will gently examine your child’s teeth gums and bite, assessing their current health and risk of future problems. If necessary, we will take X-ray pictures to find hidden decay, and may recommend a screening exam to determine their caries risk. If your child has been to the dentist previously, we will usually do their preventive cleaning and fluoride application at this visit. If this is a “first-ever” visit for a very young child, we may re-book him or her for the preventive treatment.

It is important that you assist us in making your child’s first visit a positive experience. We all enjoy children and know how to work with them. If you are anxious about the visit, you will transfer this anxiety to your child, so be positive, as you would about any new, fun experience!


Your new patient examination at our office will be thorough and comprehensive. We will examine your teeth for cavities and check the soundness of any existing dental work of course, but there are several other aspects of your oral health that we will check. We will assess your gums for signs of disease, including recession and periodontal bone loss. We will also assess your soft tissues in the tongues, cheeks, lips and palate and do a visual oral cancer screening, and check your bite and TMJ (jaw joint).

Prior to your first visit to our office we will endeavor to have any recent dental X-ray pictures (within the past two years) sent to us. We will then only take what X-ray pictures as are required to assess your current dental health and risk of future disease. At times, other procedures such as taking study models and digital photographs, or a caries risk assessment are necessary to aid us in assessing the condition of your mouth and formulating a treatment plan. Depending upon the complexity of your oral situation, we may need to re-appoint you to complete these procedures or discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan.

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