“You actually enjoy your job, don’t you!”

Every once in a while my staff or I will have a patient say the above—or something like it—to us. And the answer of course is Yes!

Our job is difficult but rewarding. Whether working on a squirmy three-year-old or phobic trucker, we have to do teeny, finicky work in a very small space, all the while making it gentle and pain-free. But helping our patients stay healthy and comfortable is a daily pleasure. Seeing our patients’ smiles when we complete a cosmetic make-over or a major “re-build,” or seeing the relief when we get someone out of pain are times that make our days shine. When we take a look at before and after photos, some of which are in the gallery on this website, it’s energizing to re-live the “wow!” moment when that patient first checked out their new smile in the mirror.

Many of our patients have been in this practice for decades, and we count many multi-generational families as our patients. My co-workers and I have been together for years as well, so it’s often more like a very large, extended family than a workplace. A family that we like to visit with every day!